Design to Enhance and Improve a Facility’s Quality of Care & Services

The built environment of a healthcare facility directly impacts the safety, operations, clinical outcomes, and financial success of a healthcare network. By discussing the challenges and solutions a healthcare facility may encounter at a design level, and how operations can be improved, layout, design practices, and its use of technology; medical equipment; audio; lighting; and related controls, facility Owners are able to operate more effectively and maximize their long-term and annual budgets to deliver a higher level of care to its patients---as well as provide improved services to its clinicians, researchers, and support staff, which by doing so further enhances patient care and delivery.

IQPC’s 4th Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit - West was designed to address the challenges and provide solutions within the industry, through design and construction---so as to enable healthcare networks to be more competitive in today’s customer driven marketplace.

This year’s conference is the perfect opportunity to:

  •  Better understand a wide variety of Owner perspectives on what keeps them up at night in respect to their capital planning and design initiatives---by way of several interactive Owner-led Panel Discussion and Town Hall Meeting sessions
  •  Explore methods and technologies that will enable you to optimize your budget to make the most out of essential resources, enhance functional space, and utilize practical logistical systems to improve designs and outcomes
  •  Dig deep into topics vital to your continued success such as: Developments and Trends in Medical & Research Incubators affecting design and construction; Lighting Design & Regulations; Emergency Rooms, Aging Healthcare Infrastructures; Infectious Disease Design Regulations; LEED; Technological Interoperability; LEAN; Ambulatory Care Centers; Sustainability; and much more!

By attending IQPC’s 4th Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit - West this February 22 – 24 in L.A., you will obtain valuable insight on the current and future trends in the healthcare facilities space----and in-turn will be able to better plan, design, and execute the most cost-effective and productive designs for your facility and clients.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the best practices and future trends in healthcare facility design.

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